More still life photography

With the cold weather keeping me indoors, I worked on yet another studio photograph, this time a still life with a military theme.

As an aside, I mention that in the world of photography today, it is rather unfashionable to portray anything “military” in other than a negative light. The same holds true for law enforcement in general–there can be no suggestion of approval or regard. So in this sense the picture below is something of a revolutionary act. So be it.military3-1There are two departures from customary practice in this shot. First, I used a Zeiss Softar 2 filter over the camera lens to give a gauzy, nostalgic look to the image. Without the filter, the picture was razor sharp and less emotive. Note how the filter imparts a lovely halation , or glow, around bright objects, especially the rose. The picture really demands this. Second, I filtered a single Fresnel spotlight with an amber gel and this was the only light source. The gel imparts, again, a warm, nostalgic feeling. The unfiltered source was just too neutral and harsh. A white reflector to the left filled in the shadows and kept them from going to full black.

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